Quality & Environmental Management

Priority Construction Ltd (PCL) has been accredited with ISO 9001 (Quality) & ISO14001 (Environmental) international standards.  Achieving and maintaining these standards provides Priority Construction with a set of standard requirements for our management system.  These international standards provide us with a framework for best practice. Priority Construction has a customer focus attitude while continually improving both in Quality and Environmental standards which minimises environmental impacts along with complying with the relevant legislation. Implementing these standards reassures our Clients of our full commitment to Quality and the Environment.   

PCL recognise that our activities may have an impact on the environment and we endeavour to minimise these impacts. PCL strive to use the most innovative solutions to reduce adverse environmental impacts, i.e: PCL recently purchased two new hybrid excavators. 

We developed an environmental aspects & impacts register for each new project.  This allows us to identify what areas of the works which may have a particular environmental concern and allows for necessary control measures to be planned and tracked to implementation stage. 

Quality and the environment pyramidMonthly audits are conducted on all PCL sites in line with our approved Environmental and Quality management system.  Our monthly audits involve an audit of paperwork and a site inspection. All site activities are therefore monitored to ensure they meet the requirements and standards of our management system.  We also audit the management system as well as the processes.   If any issues are identified they are dealt with immediately on site as much as possible.  Findings are included on a Corrective and Preventive Action Log (CAPA), which is an ongoing working document of highlighted issues from audits with a status section that will inform us whether an item remains open or has been closed off.

A copy of each audit is circulated to all site management, the Client and PCL Managing Director.  Findings from audits are also discussed at PCL monthly management meetings.

PCL adhere to the Waste Hierarchy in all of our projects.