Avoca Mines Site Safety & Remediation Works 

The picturesque area of Avoca in Co. Wicklow has been the subject of extensive mining since the 1700’s. Regrettably back then due care and attention was not paid to environmental considerations. The red tailings waste material from the mining operations was dumped on the side of the Wicklow mountains. Over periods of heavy rainfall and gales the waste material was washed downhill into the river Avoca resulting in an environmental disaster.

Priority Construction has recently being awarded a contract in February 2016 to remedy this situation. On site operations consist of; building silt traps, re-profiling the waste material to suit the natural contours of the local environment, installing new open drainage systems, attenuation tanks and placing new layers of sub and topsoil over the entire area. As part of the scheme we are also strengthening and safeguarding the entrances to the redundant mines. Works also includes laser surveying of existing voids, dust and noise monitoring and control.

 We are pleased to announce that on site works are currently in line with programme and on budget.