“Scotland Says Yes”

Priority Construction has recently been appointed as the contractor to carry out capping works and the construction of a new cell at the Shewalton Landfill site by North Ayrshire Council in Scotland.

This contract consists of the construction of a new cell c. 15,000m2 and the capping of existing cells c.22,500m2. The project commenced on the 15th of September 2014 and is planned to be completed by Sept 2015. The Contract is broken into two Phases.

Phase 1 is to include the capping works and the construction of a new cell c.6,200m2 which will be completed in 2014.

Phase 2 is to include the remainder of the construction of the new cell c.8,800m2 and this will be undertaken in 2015.

The total project is valued at £1,400,000 ex VAT.

The new cell construction works include the re-profiling of 6,500m3 of soil in order to form the new cell profile. The new cell make up comprises of the following: a leachate drainage layer including leachate collection wells & monitoring wells, on a protection geotextile/geocompoiste layer, on a 2mm hdpe geomembrane, on a GCL layer, on a 500mm thick engineering clay layer. The under-cell drainage works will also be installed.

The Capping works include the excavation and regrading of c.12,500m3 of waste. The capping works are made up of a 750mm restoration layer, on a drainage geocompoiste, on a 1mm hdpe liner, on a regulating layer.

Priority Construction had previously carried out capping works on the Shewalton Landfill site in 2011.