Capping of an illegal Landfill at Ardristan in Co. Carlow  


Client: Carlow County Council

Contract Term: Jun 2014 – Aug 2014 

Contract Value: €0.6 million

Key Project Elements

  • Shaping of waste body to design profile 
  • Placing of 150mm of round stone over shaped waste which acted as a gas layer 
  • Installation of 110mm gas pipe work 
  • Deploy & welding of lining layers 2mm lldpe liner, over the entire surface 21,000m2 
  • Placing of fine screen material 200mm over the liner 
  • Placing of 500mm of sub soil and 250mm of topsoil 
  • Reseeded the entire surface with agricultural grasses 
  • Placing of 3,300m3 of rock armour to the surface area which was sloped 
  • The rock armour was placed in order to stabilise the sloped areas identified 
  • Installed drainage layers to the perimeter of the capped area

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