Final Capping Works at Ballydonagh Landfill Site in Co. Westmeath


Client: Westmeath County Council

Contract Term: Jul 2012 – Jan 2013 

Contract Value: €0.5 million

Key Project Elements

  • Shaping of waste body to design profile 
  • Removal of temporary cover & regrading infill of existing formation 
  • Dead rolling of the existing formation to form the profile of the final cap 
  • Installation of a gas collection layer, LLDPE layer, a sub surface drainage layer & a subsoil/topsoil layer 13,000m2 
  • Installation of water supplies to drip legs & outfalls from same 
  • Installation of gas & leachate extraction wells along with associated pipework & chambers 
  • Modifications to existing manifold system at the flare compound 
  • Construction of surface water swales around the perimeter & over the capped area 
  • Installation of subsurface drainage infrastructure

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