Capping Works – Stage 2 at Ballyogan Landfill Site in Co. Dublin 


Client: RPS Consultant Engineers

Contract Term: August 2008 - January 2010

Contract Value:  €7.8 million

Key Project Elements

  • Re-profiling of the surface to formation level & placement of agreed capping materials 
  • Excavation & regrading of waste 
  • Installation of 70no. perimeter gas collections wells 
  • Extension & Lining of twin 1,200mm diameter concrete culverts in the Ballyogan stream 
  • Placement of a barrier layer comprising of LLDPE liner 265,000m2 
  • Placement of drainage geocomposite 265,000m2 
  • Placement of 700mm subsoil layer 265,000m2 & processing c.200,000 of stockpiled subsoil on site
  • Placement & seeding of 300mm topsoil layer over 265,000m2 
  • Installation of subsurface & surface drainage around the landfill 
  • Installation of leachate management system beneath the cap & at the toe of the slopes 
  • Installation of 1,700m of permanent anti-climb fencing along the site boundary

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