Final Capping Works at Gortnadroma Landfill Site in Co. Limerick


Client: Limerick County Council

Contract Term: Apr 2014 – Aug 2014  

Contract Value:  €0.5 million

Key Project Elements

  • Expose leading edge of existing lining layers from neighbour cells

  •  Shaping of waste body to design profile 

  • Place regulation layer of 150mm screened subsoil over shaped waste 

  • Installation of new lechate recirculation network & connect to existing lechate recirculation tank Drill 8 new gas wells into waste body some of which were up to 25m in depth

  • Deploy & weld lining layers 21,000m2, 1mm lldpe liner & surface water drainage geocomposite Installation of new gas collection network from new gas wells & connect to existing gas manifold 

  • Screen to less than 30mm down & place an initial subsoil layer of 300mm depth onto lining layers 

  • Screen to less than 125mm down & place a second subsoil layer of 850mm depth 

  • Placement of final 150mm of topsoil layer & seeded with mixed grasses

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