Capping Works at Restenneth Landfill Site in Forfar, Scotland 

Client: Angus Council

Contract Term: Sept 2012 – Dec 2012 

Contract Value: £0.2 million

Key Project Elements

  • Removed vegetation & scrub from the area being capped 
  • Blind off municipal waste with 200 mm layer of sand 
  • Placement & welding of 1mm hdpe liner & protection/drainage geotextile 17,000m2
  • Placement of 700mm layer of subsoil on top of lining layers 17,000m2 
  • Placement of 300mm layer of growth media consisting of composted green waste 17,000m2
  • Installation of a drainage network in the compost layer to prevent erosion 
  • Hydroseeding of compost layer 
  • Construction of an access road through the capped area

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