Construction of a New Cell at Glengorm Landfill Site on the Isle of Mull, Scotland

Client: Argyll & Bute Council

Contract Term: Jul 2010 – Nov 2010 

Contract Value: £0.4 million

Key Project Elements

  • Glengorm Landfill site is located on the Isle of Mull off the West Coast of Scotland

  • The key challenge to this project was the logistics & the site was accessed by ferry from Oban

  • Excavation of rock 1,000m3 & clays within poor ground conditions Construction of regulation layer to formation level using class 2 material

  • Provision of groundwater control layer/flood/surface water management systems 

  • Design, batching & placement of a BES layer to meet agreed impermeability value (1x10-10) 

  • The BES was batched in a local quarry on the island 

  • Placement of 2mm HDPE geomembrane, protection geotextile & a geocomposite layer 2,500m2 Installation of leachate collection system & associated collection sumps 

  • Construction of a tipping access ramp into the cell 

  • PCL gained huge experience from the logistical challenges involved in this project

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