Construction of a Wetland Cell at Lisheen Mine in Co. Tipperary 


Client: Lisheen Mine

Contract Term: Aug 2013 – Dec 2013  

Contract Value: €3.5 million

Key Project Elements

  • Removed vegetation & topsoil c.150mm depth on the downstream face of the wetland cell

  • Excavation & disposal of 268,000m3 of peat

  • Proof rolled the exposed till in the footprint of the wetland cell

  • Excavation of 180,00m3 of rock in on-site borrow pit & processed into Type B material

  • Blind off the wetland cell bunds & slopes using imported Type C material

  • Supplied & installed 2mm HPDE liner, GCL & protection geotextile, 64,000m2 each layer

  • Construction of all access roads to the new cell

  • Undertook a leak location survey on the entire internal area of the wetland cell

  • This project was completed within the agreed 19 week programme

  • Constructed the wetland cell bunds & slopes using the processed Type B material

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