Construction of a New Cell & Capping Works at Nether Dallachy Landfill Site in Elgin, Scotland 

Client: Environmental Services Department

Contract Term: May 2010 – May 2011  

Contract Value:  £1.4 million

Key Project Elements

  • This was Phase 6, landfill engineering & restoration works

  • The earthworks included raising the base level & construction of bunds to support the lining system

  • Installation of a artificial lining system 21,500m2 of 2mm liner on 500mm layer of BES (1x10-10)

  • Installation of the cell herringbone drainage system

  • Installation of leachate drainage system of 315mm HDPE butt fused pipe & HDPE partition fences

  • Made provisions for all leachate & protective membranes as part of capping works

    Implementation of control measures to avoid contact with buried/overhead services onsite

  • Restoration of existing Phase 5a landfill including HDPE capping membrane 12,000m2 of 1mm LLDPE liner

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