Construction of a New Cell & Capping Works at Shewalton Landfill Site in Irvine, Scotland


Client: North Aryshire Council

Contract Term:   Sept 2014 – Dec 2015 

Contract Value:   £1.4 million

Key Project Elements

  • This contract consisted of the construction of a new cell 15,000m2 & the capping of existing cells 22,500m2 

  • The Contract was broken into two Phases 

  • Phase 1 included capping works 22,500m2 & the construction of a new cell 6,200m2 

  • Phase 2 included the construction of the new cell 8,800m2 

  • Carried out re-profiling of the soil 6,500m3 in order to form the new cell profile 

  • Installation of a leachate drainage layer including leachate collection wells & monitoring wells 

  • Installation of protection geotextile/geocompoiste, on a 2mm hdpe geomembrane, on a GCL layer 

  • Installation of an under-cell drainage system 

  • Capping works included the excavation & regrading of waste (12,500m3

  • Installation of a 750mm restoration layer, on a drainage geocompoiste, on a 1mm hdpe liner 

  • All works were carried out while the landfill was fully operational

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