Construction of Drehid Waste Management Facility in Co. Kildare

Client: Bord Na Mona

Contract Term:  August 2006 - Feb 2008

Contract Value:  €11.5 million

Key Project Elements

  • Construction of 5,400m of paved road through a raised bog 

  • Excavation of peat 175,000m3 & soft material 78,000m3 

  • Construction of haul road around the site 

  • Drainage & diversion of deep drainage ditches 

  • Construction of 5 lined cells 50,000m2 

  • Batch & placing of 13,000m3 of BES 

  • Installation of leachate management system & leachate pumping infrastructure 

  • Construction of Groundwater Pumping Station 

  • Installation of ducting for services c.4,800m 

  • Erected fencing in order to secure the site 

  • Construction of Administration Building & Accommodation facilities

  • Installation of weighbridges & the weighbridge kiosk 

  • Construction of ESB Substation, Surface Water Lagoons & Waste Water Treatment Plant

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