Road Construction

Priority Construction are one of Ireland’s leading civil engineering road builders. We have been involved in the NRA’s road building programme since its inception in 1993. To date, we have delivered road overlay and realignment schemes ranging in value from between €0.25 million to €10.0 million. We are highly experienced in planning and building roads in both urban and rural environments. We have also delivered tailor made road schemes to virtually every local authority in the country. Working in the private sector, we designed and built numerous roads projects in support of new commercial and industrial schemes.

We are totally familiar with and conversant in the use of the NRA’s road specification requirements. We are also closely associated and affiliated with supply chain partners in the form of surfacing, signage, lining and fencing contractors. By being accredited to all of the relevant systems of TQM in the form of ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and OHSAS-18001 we deliver top quality workmanship. All of our materials and workmanship are all also independently inspected and tested.